Bio-Investigations Ltd. has been heavily involved in philanthropic activities, since its inception. Projects are focused upon requests received, as well as planned programs, and do not necessarily have to parallel the company’s core activities. Four representative projects, from 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016, are herein highlighted, outside of the core activities of Natalie Rosenberg, our Vice-President of Administration, whose activities are targeted, and described in detail, in her own words, as a closing commentary.

            In 2004 and 2005 we heavily supported the Joint Area Support Group School Adoption Program, Multi-National Force Iraq, through the U.S. Embassy Baghdad, providing school supplies for the boys’ secondary and girls’ primary schools in Baghdad, Iraq.

            In 2008 we embarked on a special initiative to support the activities of the Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT in a program called Elder Programs – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, an outreach program where we provided furniture for a full family’s apartment, in a situation of need, from a crib outfitted with all bedding and security for a newborn child, to beds and couches for an extended family, and a full set of exercise gym equipment for the adolescent children.

            In 2012, we were a Major Sponsor of Gateway Community College’s Annual Holiday Dinner, wherein we participated in providing new toys for children in attendance, in need, from the City of New Haven.

            In 2016, we are focused on spreading the light to regions of the world where healthcare is improving, based partially on some of the innovative technology we have advanced over the past forty years, both pre and post inception of Bio-Investigations Ltd. Nevertheless, the requirement still exists for electrification, in many parts of the developing world, to maximize the discoveries within healthcare. Simply put, vaccines and medications are only as good as the temperature environment in which they are maintained. Similarly, as we saw earlier in Baghdad, Iraq in our 2004 support of the Joint Area Support Group School Adoption Program, children (and adults) may best excel in a world of enlightenment, whether provided by books and school supplies -- or by providing “the light and the ability to grow to one’s potential” through the utilization and concomitant comforts afforded by critical sustainable energy products. We are committed to exploring and executing on innovative philanthropic business models, over the next five years.

            “As Vice-President of Administration, I have launched a broader special project which embraces the theme, a “random act of kindness.” There have been many ways in which I have been able to apply this theme in real life situations. As part of my creative nature, I have the ability to make latch hook pillows of varying scenes. Once they have been completed, we have donated them to many organizations and individuals.

            On a frequent basis over the last five years, I have donated my latch hook pillows to two animal rescue shelters for their fundraising events. One rescue is “The Animal Haven of North Haven, CT.” The other shelter is “Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services of Killingworth, CT.” My random act of kindness helps in a small way to reach the goal of finding “forever homes” for many unwanted animals.

            Another direction that I have taken is to donate my pillows to the elderly. Many residents in nursing homes often lead a lonely existence with few visitors. On multiple occasions in 2012 through 2015, I have donated five to six pillows to selected facilities such that the staff of the nursing home may choose to provide comforting gifts to the patients they felt would most benefit from having them.

            In the spring of 2013, I donated pillows to three BSN nursing graduates, at Central Connecticut State University, chosen by their faculty, who personified the character of one of their classmates, who suddenly without warning passed away. The pillows represented a special recognition of their individual achievements. They were formally presented to the three young women at the graduation ceremony. Stewart was serving at the time on a two-year Special Faculty Appointment, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Central Connecticut State University, and made the presentation to the recipients from the graduating class, upon the passing of his former student, on behalf of all of her classmates.

            In 2016 - 2018, I would like to increase the scope of my donations to more nursing homes, and children’s hospitals, using the wonderful feedback that I have received, which allows me to continually enhance the uniqueness and personalization of our donations.”

Natalie Rosenberg