About Us

Bio-Investigations Ltd. was founded in 1987 to help serve the biotechnology and tech transfer markets.  The 1970’s and 1980’s represented an enormous transitioning period for biochemistry and molecular biology.  Biochemistry was totally redefined in the 70’s and 80’s, with major discoveries, not the least of which was that of monoclonal antibodies in 1975.  Molecular biology was not yet a field of study, in the late 1970’s.  It was the opportunity for the Founder to be involved in the commercialization of the first monoclonal antibodies used to differentiate myocardial infarction from transient ischemia, in the early 1980’s, that served as the springboard for the evolution in thinking that led to the incorporation of Bio-Investigations Ltd. in September 1987.

Our company is differentiated by a number of factors, led by a requirement and attention to the interface of business, science, and technology.  Bio-Investigations Ltd. pulses innovative technology along with new business models, which allow discovery to be advanced.  The combination of attention to business models, basic and applied science, and discovery is the “underlying” constant theme in our projects.  Tailored assistance is the #1 hallmark and “overlying” strategy of our firm.  We tailor our assistance to the specific needs of each Client, where we are continually refining our SWOT analysis of the Client, and their positioning in the market. While 20% of our projects are neither technology nor science based, there are then in those cases overwhelming attributes in a Client’s business model that we together refine, allowing us to then work with them in a multitude of different ways.

Academic appointments at Bio-Investigations Ltd. have evolved since the Company’s inception.  A major part of our business is continually learning the latest methodologies, technology, and tools used in advancing technology and creating business.  Starting with an academic appointment at Wharton in the 1980’s teaching statistics, we have throughout the past 26 years lectured in technology, science, and statistics.  Having a keen understanding of the tools used in inferential statistics as well as the most recent methods to best visualize descriptive statistics  (i.e., data dashboards), we are constantly focused with our Clients on probability of a success, i.e.,  the ratio of favorable outcomes over total outcomes, of which both terms we together define and set metrics to measure.   As of Spring 2014 we have appointments at Central Connecticut State University where we have responsibility for two general Chemistry laboratories, as well as lecture one course in Inferential Statistics.  Also, in Spring 2014, we are lecturing at The University of Connecticut, with the General Chemistry 2 course, take by aspiring physicians, dentists, engineers, information technology majors, and aspiring industry leaders.  Bio-Investigations Ltd. benefits enormously from the constant learning required by serving in a professorial role within the academic setting.  It is indeed a blend of all of the combinations and permutations of all that we do, which make Bio-Investigations Ltd. a truly unique company, serving industries and Clients worldwide.

Meet the Team

Stewart Rosenberg

President & CEO

Natalie Rosenberg

VP of Administration

Jonathan Rosenberg

Project Manager

William Rosenberg

Information Technology